Campbell Early. Of complex parentage, bred by a private U.S. breeder in the 1880's. This black grape, with its big berries and big clusters has Concord-like flavor, but it's sweeter with less of the musky aftertaste of the older grape. While not commonly grown in the U.S., it is a favorite variety in Japan and other Asian countries. It achieves full color about a week before it is ready to eat. It is actually ripe two to three weeks before Concord in most areas. While most of the clusters are large, handsome, and well filled, it is a characteristic of the variety that there are always a few small,poorly filled clusters. Likes fertile soil or at least regular mulching with compost. About as hardy as Concord. Train it to cordons with spurs and prune the spurs to two buds. Hardiness and disease resistance is similar to Concord.